Wadi Rum

Journey through 1916

In Wadi Rum, one of the most breathtaking places on earth, and the filming location of some of Hollywood’s finest films, events that shaped the Middle East as we know it today had taken place. In 1916, Arabs launched a revolt against the oppression of the Ottoman Empire’s government, demanding freedom and independence.

Led by Sharif Hussein bin Ali and his sons, the revolt fighters had to face the Ottoman war machine in fierce battles, some of which took place in Wadi Rum, where the revolt fighters had to find simple yet effective ways to combat an enemy that was better equipped with all sorts of weapons, one of which was a railway that provided almost infinite supplies of soldiers and arms.

The adventure resembles some events of the Great Arab Revolt, and it begins when you board the authentic Hijaz Railway train, accompanying an Ottoman force heading to recapture a fortress lost to the revolt fighters. But the fighters, have a plan of their own.

Once the battle concludes, you will get a chance to enjoy the wide range of amenities available at the fortress and the Madafa (Bedouin Lounge), including an authentic dining and star gazing experience. Visitors can spend the night in the Bedouin village tents, and enjoy day time activities along with friends or family, such as paint ball games, buggy rides, an obstacle course, and horseback riding.

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The Train Ride Adventure

Paint ball

Horseback riding

Star gazing


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