Indulging in History, Unwinding in Nature

Located in the south, at one of the highest elevations above sea level in Jordan, is Shobak, a city deeply rooted in history. This geographic location as a link between the Levant and Egypt gave Shobak a strategic value. That’s why the Crusaders built the Montreal castle there almost a thousand years ago, and their loss of Montreal to the Ayyoubids contributed to thier eventual defeat . But again, when the Ayyoubids lost Montreal to the Mamloukis, it was a matter of time before their reign ended.

Today, Montreal Castle is brought to life as it was during the Ayyoubids era. In your adventure in the castle you will see operational catapults from the different eras, archers protecting the towers, teachers lecturing in public schools, merchants making sugar and selling it,and markets selling all sorts of handicrafts. But most important you will see the side of the culture that is less talked about:coexistence and tolerance.

You will see a preserved operational church existing side by side with a mosque, and you will see a ruler sentencing criminals to nothing more than teaching the illiterate. Your visit can be concluded by exiting the castle through the secret escape tunnel that many a time had kept the castle holding under siege.

After spending the day at the castle, you can enjoy the night in the nearby cozy Montreal hotel, overlooking the castle, and indulge on a Zarb dinner prepared by locals, where you can re-energize for next day’s adventure.

Shobak is the start point of some of the most captivating trekking and cycling experiences in Jordan. Whether you are a novice hiker, wishing to embrace nature for a few hours, or a seasoned cycler willing to take on the long, but extremely rewarding path that ends up in Petra, an adventure out of Shobak is a bucket-list experience.





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